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Get the figure of your dreams!

Do you want to lose weight and have a slim figure? Want a flat abdomen and elastic buttocks? Want to wear beautiful clothes, feel yourself ease and confident, receive compliments? Women are created to be beautiful and loved.

Do you want to become bigger and stronger? Do you want to build muscle and get 6 pack abs? Or just want to be in good shape and look presentable in a shirt or without it? The strength and masculinity of a man is reflected in his appearance.

Now it’s time to act!

Training through the Internet is an effective solution to your tasks.

Чемпион Мира по бодибилдингу в парах и персональный тренер Юрий Спасокукоцкий Чемпион Мира по бодибилдингу в парах и персональный тренер Юрий Спасокукоцкий Bodybuilding in pairs World Champ and personal trainer Yury Spasokukotsky

What is training through the Internet?

The procedure is clear and simple. You fill in the small questionnaire, answering simple questions, attach your photos and send them to me. If you wish you can apply small story about yourself (the history of your training, what problems have you faced and what tasks have you set for yourself etc.). I’ll examine your situation and considering your personal data and features I can make a training program for you and set the plan of nutrition, give recommendations. You visit a gym convenient for you or you train at home (a necessary minimum – collapsible dumbbells and bench), you keep a diary of trainings where you write down your strength indicators, weight, waist amplitude. Every week you send me the writings of your diary. Thus, I will be able to observe and control dynamics of progress and also to correct your program and a diet in case of need. Also throughout all course I advise you and I answer all your questions. If you implement my recommendations, train regularly and follow the nutrition plan I’ll guarantee the result! Also you send me video hoe you perform exercises or I can correct your technique on Skype by means of microphone and webcam. The trainer sees your technique and corrects all the mistakes!

How to contact me for online training consultation?
The main communication happens by means of e-mail [email protected]
Also it is possible to contact me on Viber, Skype or by phone according to preliminary arrangement and in stipulated time.

How to keep a diary of trainings?
You can use a simple notebook / notepad for your diary or special applications for mobile devices. Under each exercise It is necessary to mark several separate pages under each exercise. Then on the corresponding pages you put a date and write down your strength indicators at each training. Thus, you gradually form columns of dates and strength indicators, for example:

Wide grip pulldowns
05.10.13    30х15 / 35х15 / 35х12 / 40х10
12.10.13    40х15 / 45х12 / 50х12 / 55х10 (with slight burst)
19.10.13    45х15 / 50х12 / 55х9 / 55х8 (last one till failure)
26.10.13    45х15 / 50х12 / 55х10 / 60х4
02.11.13    45х15 / 50х12 / 55х10 / 60х8

First number — weight, second — number of reps, behind a slanting line are sets.

Your training diary will allow the trainer (ie, me) to observe the dynamics of progress and to make adjustments in time if progress is to slow or stopped.

Why it is important to weigh and measure your waist regularly?
Also it is necessary to write down the indicators of weight and amplitude of waist in the diary of trainings. It is necessary to weigh and to do measurements of waist once a week in the morning on an empty stomach writing down all the indicators in the diary of trainings. For example:

05.10.13  — 90 kg,  84/91 (maximum breath / relaxed stomach)
12.10.13 — 88 kg, 82/89
19.10.13 — 86,5 kg,  81/86

The ratio of changes of these indicators will show me an overall picture: do muscles grow without fat or with fat whether you lose weight at the expense of fat or at the expense of muscles.

Within the first month of trainings you will see how your figure and health change for the better. During online trainings with me you will always be able to obtain necessary information on trainings and nutrition, to get motivation and positive energy. Trainers aren’t often especially concerned by your results and they are even interested to keep you around as long as possible. It is important for me that you get what you want! I work for my name so I always seek to satisfy the client. To lose weight or to bulk up – you precisely receive it at competent trainings under supervision of the professional trainer.

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Send me your data right now!

Begin to act today!

So, how to begin online-training?

First, you send me a letter to [email protected] tell me about yourself in brief, your tasks and goals and learn the prices. Then by choosing subscriptions you make

only 4 simple steps:

Download and fill in the QUESTIONNAIRE

  1. you make control photos of these poses: «front double biceps», «back double biceps» and «side chest» (see the example below). For girls it’s enough to make photos in front of and from a back. All photos shall be made to the utmost and in the clothes that does not hide your figure.
  2. you take control measurements (see video below).
  3. you send the questionnaire, photos and measurements to my e-mail address [email protected]

That’s all! You’ll receive the answer from me with further instructions soon.

What photos to make and how?

What measurements to take and how?

* You can measure only your biceps, chest, waist and thighs but first of all the most exact data is necessary to you! Every month you will repeat taking measurements and every time to see how your body has changed.

Anthropometrical measurements (see the video instructions)
1 Weight
2 Height
3 Right biceps
4 Left biceps
5 Forearms
6 Chest (full inhale)
7 Chest (full exhalation)
8 Waist (gather in stomach)
9 Waist (relaxed abdominals)
10 Hips
11 Thighs
12 Calves

Download and fill in QUESTIONNAIRE

Last step to ideal body!

Write me a letter and attach your photos, measurements and questionnaire to the address:

Always be fit with YurySpasokukotsky!

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